Brew it Madras | Start a Brewery in Madras, OR
The Madras Redevelopment Commission (MRC) is offering a package of incentives and assistance to help Madras’ first craft brewer turn its dream into reality and become a vital member of a community known for its livability, affordability, community spirit, and rich mix of cultures.
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urrounded by snow-capped Cascade mountains, scenic lakes and waterways, and rich amber waves of some of the state’s finest farm and ranchland, Madras is a beautiful community and a gateway to popular Central Oregon. Located 120 miles southeast of Portland, 100 miles south of Hood River, and 45 miles north of Bend, the diverse population of Madras (6,275) and Jefferson County (23,000+) boasts a mix of agricultural, manufacturing, tourism, and small businesses.


People, culture, and history form the fabric and foundation of Madras, as does the proud, tight-knit, “we’ve got your back” mentality among its local people. Very much a “can do” city, Madras became a world stage for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse while hosting 100,000+ visitors from near and afar for the most exciting natural phenomenon to sweep the nation in decades.


n the heels of the Total Solar Eclipse success, and on the verge of something great, the City of Madras is actively recruiting a brewery to its growing and energized community. The Madras Redevelopment Commission (MRC) is offering a package of incentives and assistance to help Madras’ first craft brewer turn its dream into reality and become a vital member of a community known for its livability, affordability, community spirit, and rich mix of cultures.

“When hundreds of community members provided input on our City’s Urban Renewal Action Plan and said that recruiting a brewery is a top priority, it was clear—Madras is ready for a brewery or brew pub to call its own. The vision is for a vibrant community gathering place and an inviting destination for friends, family, and tourists.”

– Royce Embanks, Mayor, City of Madras

Cove Palisades State Park and Smith Rock State Park

Both popular parks see 1.29+ million annual visitors combined, featuring boating haven Lake Billy Chinook and miles of world class rock climbing respectively.


Central Oregon Airshow of the Cascades

At least 15,000+ annual attendees travel in from all over the country.


Erickson Aircraft Collection

Home to the largest private collection of warbirds (rare WWII aircraft) in the country, including over 25 rare warbirds flown regularly.


Madras Municipal Airport & Easy Access to
Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM)

Madras Airport is a rapidly growing category 4 general aviation airport, and a few miles south is RDM with commercial airline service and direct connections to 7 western hubs.


Madras Aquatic Center

State-of-the-art, family-friendly facility featuring pools and a 300-foot water slide, serves thousands of world-wide visitors annually.


Rivers Galore!

Our beloved Crooked, Deschutes, and Metolius Rivers offer an outdoor recreation mecca, from boating, fishing, rafting, water skiing, and more.

“Madras offers such a unique opportunity for a brewer or brew pub because we’re one of the few towns that can supply a completely local brewery, from amazing water and locally grown and malted grain, to local produce, beef, pork, and dairy. It could be a celebration of our whole community, which is pretty cool.”

– Seth Klann, Mecca Grade Owner, Farmer, and Maltster

1. Ultra-pure Water from Nearby Opal Springs, Water Naturally Filtered by Thick Layers of Volcanic Basalt


2. Unique Farm-to-Tap and Farm-to-Table Opportunities – Locally Grown and Malted Grain, Regionally Sourced Hops, and Locally Grown and Raised Food


3. Location in the Heart of Oregon, Central Oregon – a Center of Craft Beer Culture and Prime Tourist Destination Welcoming 4.3 Million Overnight Visitors in 2016 (COVA Visitor Economic Impact Report), with Average Daily Spend Per Visitor Per Day of $143


4. Opportunity to Be the First Brewery in Madras – the Last Best Place in Oregon without a Brewery (Yet!)


5. City of Madras’ Commitment to Making it Happen – MRC’s Robust Package of Business Incentives



will greatly aid a developer, owner, or operator as incentive to open a brewery in Madras. Such assistance from MRC may be used in any one of the following forms, provided the location chosen is inside the Madras Urban Renewal District (URD). Assistance is subject to approval by MRC.


Examples of Assistance:

Site Selection within URD

Architecture Costs

• Engineering Costs

Permit Fees

• Site Development Costs

Building Renovation Costs

Tenant Improvements

Expedited Permitting

Technical Assistance with Wastewater Disposal Design

Technical Assistance with Environmental Efforts

Jefferson County Small Business Start-up Loan Opportunity

Market Research

“The brewery project in Madras is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Madras is an underserved brewery or brew pub market, and there are not many of those left in Oregon. The City’s incentive package alone is a game-changer for anyone thinking about doing this, from the established brewer looking to expand, to the passionate dreamer wanting to finally start his or her own.”

– Pratt Rather, Brewery Founder and Brewery Consultant


he City of Madras has a great deal of market research available to share with the potential brewery. In a recent retail trade area assessment conducted with a third-party, the City found that over $18 million is spent annually on food service and drinking establishments in Madras. Additionally, more than $7 million is spent outside the Madras area (such as Bend and Redmond). Madras sees a prime opportunity to build a brewery for the community to call its own, and to keep those dollars at home.

Travel expenditures in 2016 reached almost $810 million in Central Oregon (2016 COVA Visitor Economic Impact Report), a number that’s climbed consistently in the last seven years.


$713.4M in Deschutes County

$44.2M in Crook County

$50.5M in Jefferson County (Where Madras is the County Seat)


hether you’re an established brewer looking to expand, a business guru looking for the next investment, or the passion-project type who’s driven by the love of beer, good food, and community and the opportunity to bring them together, the City of Madras wants to talk to you.   

With Madras’ high elevation, expansive vistas, and flat plateaus, visitors and locals alike love the sense of openness, access to nature and the great outdoors, and simply put, the room to breathe. One can see for miles in Madras, and the same could be said for what the City of Madras is presenting to the City’s potential first brewery – they’re offering miles of opportunity! Madras’ exciting vision of bringing a brewery to the community, as well as its willingness to invest in redevelopment efforts to help make it happen, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


regon is a leading state in the craft brew world, and Central Oregon is one of the state’s top brewery regions. A brewery or brew pub in Madras just makes sense! Here’s a high-level look at Oregon’s Craft Brew Industry. Much of the info below was provided by and based on 2016 data.   

Economic Impact – $4.49 billion (yes, with a B)

Total Oregon Economic Impact, with 31,000 Direct and Indirect Jobs

Beer Production – 1.782 million barrels

Of Craft Beer Produced in Oregon, Up 4.8% from 2015

Beer Consumption – 23.3%

Of Beer Consumed in Oregon was Made in Oregon, up 8.69% from 2015

Beer Tourism – 19 million

People Visited Oregon’s Breweries, Approximately 369,000 on a Weekly Basis

Contact the City of Madras Community Development Director, Nick Snead.

Office: 541.475.2344

Cell: 541.221.9792


Address: 125 SW E Street, Madras, OR  97741